Q: What type of edible paper do you use, size and price?


1. WAFER PAPER (potato starch)

    A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inches)

    thick (.6mm)   php250 per sheet ( almost like 120gsm board)

    thin   (.3mm)   php200 per sheet (almost like 80gsm bond paper)

2. FROSTING SHEET (icing sheet)

   letter size (8.5 x 11inches) with plastic backing to be removed before use

   Php300  per sheet


Q: can we maximize the paper size?

A: margins should be .4" on all sides. if smaller margin than .4" per side-- sorry mapuputol lang (we wont be held liable for this)

maximum print out is around 7x10 inches only (wafer / frosting)


Q: what paper do you recommend?

A: we always recommend thick wafer, its very easy to handle and cut.

If wrapping around cake side- thin wafer is suggested, but only for light colored photos. dark colored photos will cause the thin wafer paper to curl up. it cannot handle too much ink.

frosting sheet- better print out resolution but weather sensitive and not too easy to cut because it is soft and flexible. on a rainy day/ season, frosting sheet isnt recommended.


Q: should we put it in the refrigerator/ chiller / freezer before use?

A: NEVER. edible ink is water based, therefore it should only be stored in dry room temperature. moisture will cause the ink to blot. it is suggested to put the edible print on the cake just before client pickup or before delivery or upon reaching the venue.

edible print's greatest enemy is moisture and water


Q: can it be used on buttercream icing?

A: YES, since buttercream icing is considered wet, a thin gumpaste/ fondant is required to placed in between the edible paper and buttercream icing. this goes to all "wet" icing/ frosting.


Q: do you layout?

A: NO, we only print ready to print files (pdf, jpg, msword files) we do not lay out more than 1 photo in 1 sheet of paper. but if only 1 photo-- yes we can lay it out based on your target print size (not cake size)

we recommend PDF / jpeg to avoid moving photos / text.

if you insert text in MSword that has a kakaibang font, we might dont have that font installed and microsoft will automatically replace a similar (not always) font that you might not like-- and us not noticing! that is why PDF is recommended, what you save is what we will get.


Q: can you print in high resolution to ensure best quality?

A: even you don't request for it, we print in the highest setting. but of course, clarity and sharpness of the print out will greatly depend on the quality (pixels and size) of the file/photo you sent. example: if you use a screenshot/ thumbnail photo and enlarge it to 6 inches- the print out will be 100% blurred / pixelated no matter how high the print settings used, the printout will surely be disappointing.

please be reminded that if you are not happy with the print out because it is blurred / pixelated, sorry but you still have to pay for it. but dont worry because we will contact you before we print if we find the photos/ files are of poor quality


Q: how can you tell if it is a high resolution photo?

A: if your print size is 6" photo resolution / size should be at 950x950 pixels minimum. the higher, the clearer.


Q: what do you need-- cake size or print out size?

A: print out size. every baker and design is different. for an 8 inch cake some wants 6 inches while others want 7inches.... "6.5 inches round" or "3 inches square"


Q: i need 4x6 inches of this photo, is it possible?

A: we need to know what is the 4inches- is it the width or height? usual problem is photos are not scaled based on your target size. so just give us whats important to follow-- the width or the height. and the rest will follow. example: ang importante ay yung 4inches height ng photo kasi 4inches height nung cake, kung ilan man maging width nya-- go na" we cant make it exactly 4x6 or 3x4 because the photo will become distorted. we do not print distorted photos that will surely disappoint and stress you out.


Q: what OS do you use?

A: microsoft. some files made from mac are not compatible with windows.


Q: i already sent my email but theres no reply or anything, is my order confirmed?

A: YES as long as all the details (name / mobile number / pickup date / pickup at makati or cainta / print size / paper type) are sent within 5pm cutoff to pickup the next day.

even if you wont get any reply from us, do not worry! it is our commitment to print and deliver your order if we accidentally miss out your order. (provided that all details and attachment are sent within the 5pm cutoff)


Q: can we pickup our order at cainta everyday? how about makati?

A: our delivery schedule to cainta is every monday and thursday. makati everyday.

if you need it saturday at cainta, it can be printed on saturday morning and brought to makati store. then courier fees from makati to your address or cainta shop will be at your cost.


Q: how long can we keep the print out?

A: for thick and thin wafer paper believe it or not-- weeks / months as long as the it is kept in a dry container free from moisture, ants and other pests.

frosting sheet -- within 24 hrs only. frosting sheet is somewhat moist, keeping it more than 24hrs causes the photo to darken and blot. we do not recommend frosting sheet during rainy season.


***** hoping all questions are answered now *****